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As a leading medical software development company, Zetaton's engineers are skilled in modern frameworks and languages. In addition, our extensive healthcare experience equips our engineers to anticipate technology risks and help clients optimize their systems.

Electronic Health Record / Medical Record App Development

Utilizing healthcare IT software helps track crucial information in the medical system by providing web, desktop, and mobile apps for interoperability, streamlined clinical workflows, and better doctor-patient communication.
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HIPAA compliance

Secure patients data in transit and in storage while complying with the HIPAA guidelines.
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Case management

We deliver innovative solutions to analyze patient-generated health data, treatment statistics, medical care expenses, revenue cycles, and more.
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Telehealth solutions we develop can reduce healthcare costs, increase patient engagement, improve treatment outcomes, and expand access to medical care.
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Appointments scheduling

Build health applications with appointment scheduling functionality to make remote care possible. Get reminders and alerts, and improve accessibility with an easy-to-access digital health record.

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