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An independent medical practice's healthcare solution, appointment management system, and provider scheduling

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What Is Kenosha Urgicare?

Provides a broad scope of urgent medical services, including x-rays and laceration repair to patients in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Project Challenges

Running an independent medical practice is almost as much of a challenge as treating the patients who walk in the front door. Appointment bookings alone often take the work of three or four people to coordinate, and when the situation is urgent, time is of the essence.

Our Solution

Zetaton was called on to create a cutting-edge website that would not only give patients an overview of the practice but also allow them to book appointments online – all ahead of time. This way when patients arrived, time could be used for treatment instead of for paperwork. Zetaton’s solution not only allows for appointment booking but also features an integrated billing platform. Patients can input their insurance information and receive their bills right from within the app.

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How We Did It

Software Scope

Kenosha Urgicare was looking for a solution to a common problem for independent medical practices: How to have an online presence that while attractive was also functional and could compete with the websites of larger competitors.

UX/UI Design

As part of this process, the user interface designer created the digital product's graphical user interface by defining layouts, defining information architecture, creating icons, selecting color themes, defining typography styles, and setting guidelines.

Software Finicality

We developed a medical practice management system with different access levels and roles that can help their clinical staff and practitioners manage day-to-day clinical operations and patient data efficiently.


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Healthcare solution

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Appointments management

You can see upcoming appointments and Outdated Appointments.

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Doctor Insurance

Patient management

Add your family members and their information.


The user can manually add insurance information or insert an insurance image.

Insurance Solution
Payment Solution for Hospital Management System


The users can credit/debit and view all invoices.