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What Is Ciye?

The Ciye team members come from different fitness backgrounds - Cycling, motocross, running, triathlons, water polo, surfing. We saw an opportunity to make the outdoors more enjoyable by providing real time coaching information and performance metrics in your eyewear.

mobile phones and smart goggles - swimming mobile app
Project Challenges

Trouble tracking real-time swimming progress?

Swimming is a great workout, if you enjoy swimming and don't want to hire a coach for the classes, you should consider using a proper app for swimming, that's why Ciye considered bringing smart goggles underwater even though it was a relatively new technology. In order to provide all of the promised data as tracking the swimmer's training and displaying the swimmer's laps, splits, sets, and time automatically, our mobile developers would need to build a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android and enables Ciye to perform its full capabilities on both platforms.

Our Solution

Swim workout & training platform

Zetaton's software development team developed an app that gives swimmers real-time feedback and lets them see how hard their work is paying off, bringing swimming apps to a whole new level of performance. The app also tracks and displays laps, splits, sets, and time automatically; swimmers are provided with immediate feedback.

Laptop and mobile phones - Website, mobile application, swimming solutions
mobile phones and smart goggles - swimming mobile app
Embedded Software

Revolutionizing Swimming Performance with Embedded Software and Smart Goggles

As part of our innovative approach we utilized embedded software to connect smart goggles with the mobile app. The smart goggles were designed to collect various swimming data, which were then seamlessly transmitted to the mobile app in real-time. Our expert software developers ensured that the embedded software was optimized for efficiency and reliability, enabling the goggles to seamlessly communicate with the mobile app and provide accurate and up-to-date data, providing swimmers with a comprehensive tool to analyze and improve their swimming performance.

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How We Did It

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Step One
Software Scope

At Zetaton, developing a mobile app for Ciye was one of our most exciting projects. Using SCRUM, our expert software developer team prioritized and controlled workflow, allowing us to incorporate changes quickly and be flexible throughout.

Step two
UX/UI Design

Our mobile app developers built the mobile application keeping the user in mind, focusing on stability, intuitive UX/UI, and empowering users to reach their health and performance goals.

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step three
Full Development

To keep cost low we utilized several technologies to reduce the size of the code base by writing the code once & run it everywhere.


Using the latest technology, we created top-end Android and iOS apps that enhanced user experience and business performance.

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Loved by teams around the world

Swimming App

Rich and full of features

Smart Coach tracks swimming history, explores goals, and compares them to ideal workouts

We saw an opportunity to make the outdoors more enjoyable by providing real time coaching information and performance metrics in your eyewear. with the ability to explore goals and compare them with ideal workouts

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3d swim video mobile app

3D animation of the head’s exact movement during a swim

Most swimmers, including professionals, could improve on their head position & movement during swimming. This feature allows swimmers to view when they go for air & how. It shows their exact head movement throughout the entire swim.

Bluetooth (BLE) connection with the smart goggles and smart glasses

Providing Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity between the mobile apps and low-powered silicon devices was a big hurdle to overcome. The battery life of the smart goggles & glasses last for several hours while providing connectivity only when needed.

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Client Says

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" They worked hard to meet our objectives."

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Michael Hanson
COO, Ciye