Unico Well Monitoring
Mobile Application

It’s an analytics system that enables operators to access a large number of oil wells and fields and manage them from anywhere using the internet.

analytics system mobile app
Unico Well Monitoring Mobile Application


What Is Unico?

UNICO specializes in developing application-engineered drive products and multiaxis-integrated drive systems for a variety of industries. They utilize advanced engineering techniques to provide reliable control solutions with an eye on the next generation of manufacturing.

analytics system mobile app
Project Challenges

Unico Well Analytics System GMC® is an industry leader in the remote monitoring of oil wells. And those who know will tell you that monitoring a large number of oil wells is a daunting challenge especially because Wells are often located in remote locations in geologic formations that are constantly changing.

Our Solution

Unico Well asked Zetaton software company for comprehensive status monitoring and reporting mobile application for the wells controlled by Unico drives so they can put the data in the hands of engineers and technicians on the move.

Unico Well Monitoring Mobile Application

How We Did It

Product Scope

Zetaton mobile app developers created a remote monitoring system that can connect with well control systems in oil fields around the globe, to make Oil data analytics smarter and much more manageable.

UX/UI Screens

The Android mobile app enables the operators to connect to a Unico drive or device over Modbus TCP RTU, retrieve data, and generate visual reports and charts securely and with a high degree of reliability.

Full Development

Our expert developers developed the mobile app using Kotlin and Java to make the mobile application run in the background to stay in sync with the backend whenever there’s connectivity. Also,  Firebase was used for authentication, push notifications, monitoring released apps, and several other services.


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Monitoring Mobile Application

Rich and full of features

Connect remotely to systems around the globe
Automated Well Reports and charts
Device status real-time displays in a graphical or tabular format

Unico Well Monitoring Mobile Application
Reporting Mobile Application

Compare current and historical well performance
Build and sync configuration files