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High-performance barcode scanning mobile app with smart data capture

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What Is Unico?

Since 1967, Unico has been building leading-edge variable speed drives and control systems for companies on the cutting edge of new technology.

Barcode Scanning Software
Project Challenges

Many of us can remember the days when we needed a paper manual for everything. Mechanics often traveled with a bag full of paper manuals to reference when working on machinery. Unico LLC, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art variable speed drives and control systems wanted to lose the paper and have all their information available via a mobile app.

Our Solution

With dozens of product offerings, we knew that a simple list or search bar would not be an efficient way for customers to search for their specific device model. That’s why our expert mobile app developers designed a mobile app as a handheld barcode scanner with high-performing technology for smart devices, adding unmatched speed, flexibility, and accuracy to transform workflows and automate processes.

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How We Did It

Product Scope

Zetaton was asked to develop a user friendly, sleek, and scanning mobile app scanning software to turn smart devices into high-performance and cost-efficient enterprise-grade smart data capture tools that will contain information needed to set up, use or service these devices at their customer’s fingertips.

UX/UI Screens

We started by creating the most important screens for the product. This allowed the client to see exactly how the product will look. After a few iterations on the UX/UI, the client approved the design.

Full Development

The mobile application would allow the user to scan a QR code that would unlock important information about the scanned device. Therefore, not only was the technician able to ditch the manuals but also the time needed to search for the exact information required to do the job.


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Barcode Scanning Software

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Product registration, scan the product barcode and redirect to the product information

barcode scanning mobile application
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