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Website, mobile application, and freelancers handyman
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What Is Sydetasker?

Sydetasker is an online, mobile & web applications, marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks.  

Website, mobile application, and freelancers handyman

Project Challenges

Trouble finding local laborers for any home project

With a busy work schedule and other priorities, lots of daily house/commercial chores can be neglected and management can fall behind. On the other hand, there are lots of freelancers who are looking to make a little money in their free time. That's why Sydetasker considered filling the gap between freelancers and these daily chores with a marketplace platform.

Our Solution

Gig Economy Marketplace Platform with a Regional Focus

A Zetaton software developer team worked on the development of an online marketplace mobile app and web app that allows the poster(the user who post a job) to reach a large network of experts with ample time and expertise to assist them.

Mobile application chat, video call, and share files

How We Did It

Responsive website development
Step One
Software Scope

Sydetasker has been worked on for over 3 years on multiple phases. Phase 1 was released after a year. Ever since we’ve been adding more features based on the users needs. We initially had extensive brainstorming sessions with our client Sydetasker team to understand their business model and requirements.

Step two
UX/UI Design

As part of this process, the user interface designer created the digital product's graphical user interface by defining layouts, defining information architecture, creating icons, selecting color themes, defining typography styles, and setting guidelines.

UX/UI Design
website, tablet and mobile application developers
step three
Full Development

The platform we developed allows the user to sign up for Sydetasker using their email or social accounts (Google, Facebook, Apple, or phone number). A poster can post your job on the work marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people. A tasker will be selected based on bid amount, experience, reviews, rates, and any other skills that might be useful for your task.


Empower your business with latest custom technology to launch faster and focus on building what’s truly unique for your business.

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Loved by teams around the world

Freelance Services Marketplace

Rich and full of features

Freelancer apps like Fiverr

Chat, audio and video calls, reviews, and share files with talent

Our software developers created a system that allows users to work efficiently with freelancers using TokBox and Firebase. Users can ask questions, share feedback, add reviews and receive constant updates on the progress of their work through live chat, audio, and video calls.

Safe and easy payments

Sydetasker is a marketplace that values user safety and trust. The Payments are processed using Stripe in escrow accounts until the work is completed and the Poster is satisfied.

Payment solution
Freelancer apps like Fiverr

Bidding on jobs “tasks” in an auction format similar to eBay

In an auction-style listing, the poster sets the starting price, and the taskers compete with the others to place bids. When the listing ends, the highest bidder wins the job and get paid.

Client Says

sydetasker Mobile and website
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" I loved working with Zetaton for loads of reasons - especially for Sydetakser. We wanted our app to have a great design while accomplishing a great user experience. They lived up to their name and exceeded my expectations."

Colin Milligan
Co-Founder Sydetasker