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Presidential Executive Orders at Your Fingertips for an Informed Public

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What Is Prexo?

It's a mobile application that allows American citizens and other interested parties to discover the latest Executive Orders issued by the President, know when an executive order is signed, and express their opinions publicly.

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Project Challenges

Executive orders are hard to access

During the period of John F Kennedy, the President issued between 100 and 500 Executive Orders to manage federal operations. Many of these orders have significant impacts on our lives, but they are hard to reach, as much government information is.

Our Solution

The latest execution orders News and information in one Mobile app

By offering a mobile app and the option to comment on Executive Orders, Prexo wanted to make Executive Orders information more accessible. The data is publicly available, so it simply required formatting and searchability. Users can easily search by Orders, topics or keywords with our easy-to-use UI/UX. We also included a comment feature that allows users to create an account and share their thoughts about Executive Orders.

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How We Did It

step one
Software Scope

When Zetaton was approached to create a mobile app to make Executive Orders more accessible we knew right away that this app needed to be self-sufficient to administer but also interactive and user friendly.

step two
UX/UI Design

Our mobile developers built the mobile application keeping the user in mind, focusing on stability, intuitive UX/UI, and with our simple-to-use UI/UX the user can easily search by Order, topic, or keyword.

step three

to keep cost low we utilized several technologies to reduce the size code base and write the code once & run it everywhere.   


Using the latest technology, we created top-end iOS apps that enhanced user experience and business performance.

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Loved by teams around the world

Executive Orders news app

Rich and full of features

Personalize by following topics

Prexo will be the only platform for Americans to filter and follow orders, tailored to their concerns regarding immigration, the environment, the military, etc. This app allows users to filter based on their interests.

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Comment and like for mobile app

Comment and like executive orders and Collaborative

Share on social media the information found on Prexo to educate others. This app allows users to create their own narratives

Search by topics or by president

Users of Prexo can search for orders tailored to their interests, whether it is immigration, environmental protection, or military protection, Or for the orders issued during the reign of a certain president

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