Racine Police citations app with Portable Zebra Printer

Officers can generate accurate citations quickly from the tablet application

Racine City Police Mobile Application
Racine Police Department  app

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About the Racine Police Department

The Racine Police Department serves the City of Racine in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA. Zetaton helped the police department in developing a tablet based app that allowed officers to issue traffic citations, and prints the citation using a Zebra printer with payment options all while on the move.

Police Mobile App for Racine City Police
Project Challenges

Handwriting citations is very time consuming and officers jeopardize their safety by spending too much time at the curbside using a manual process, Also the carbon copies were hard to read and there was a risk they would get lost.

Our Solution

Zetaton worked on building the mobile app to create a full ticket lifecycle with an automated progression that would allow officers to create parking citations electronically and print them wirelessly with a zebra mobile printer over Bluetooth.

Mobile Software for Racine City Police

How We Did It

Step One
Software Scope

Our software developers initially had an extensive brainstorming session with our client Racine Police Department. Based on our discussion, Our expert mobile developers provided an electronic citation (E-citation) solution that allows law enforcement and parking enforcement officers fast, accurate options for issuing electronic tickets for traffic and parking citation.

step two
UX/UI Design

We started by creating the most important screens for the product. This allowed the client to see exactly how the product will look. After a few iterations on the UX/UI, the client approved the design.

step three
Product Rationale and Tech Scope

The react native user-friendly tablet application we developed helped the officers to issue the citation directly from the tablet. Our developers used .NET with SQL server to log the citation to the database and interfaces with other State of Wisconsin databases. Once the citation is created it is printed via mobile Zebra printer via Bluetooth BLE or the officers can issue the citation electronically.


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Bluetooth (BLE)
Zebra printer over BLE using the ZPL script

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E-Citation Solution

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Features of Racine City Police Mobile app
Racine Police City Mobile App with  Zebra printer

Print citations via mobile Zebra printer via Bluetooth BLE