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What Is On Air Warning?

On Air Warning is the first double-sided, three light video conference indicator that alerts you and those nearby of your Mic, Camera, and online Meeting status.

On Air Warning Software
Project Challenges

Embarrassing Moments when you are in a online meeting

The pandemic changed the structure of the
household. Overnight, the kitchen and dining room turned into video conference stations. Mrs. Vitiello, a teacher, was conducting classes from home. Their two teenagers were attending classes, and two older daughters were managing careers from home. It was a challenging environment because no one knew when the others were in a meeting or engaged in a conversation.

Our Solution

The Next Generation in Online Meeting Indicator software

The idea of On Air Warning was born by Michael Vitiello, he wanted to develop an automated device that warns you when a microphone or camera is on, it was a challenge for us since we had to develop a solution that can monitor a different kinds of video conference software. The biggest challenge was in the ability to provide a seamless solution for non-tech savvy users that allowed them to mute & unmute the camera and mic with a click of a button, control it using an external keypad, support multiple conferencing apps, be alerted & alert others when the camera and/or the mic is on.

Meeting Indicator for On Air Warning

How We Did It

Product Scope

We were the first company to deliver a solution that allowed the control of the camera and the mic at the hardware level. It allowed users of conferencing tools (such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets, Discord, WebEx,…)  to mute and unmute the mic and camera from the app and to select which camera to feed from.

Tech Spike

The desktop apps were initially built using Electron. Due to limitations in accessing the hardware on the PCs (Windows & Mac), we decided to switch to native using Swift for Mac OSx and C#/C++ for Windows.

Product Rationale

We also added a cool feature that allowed users to take a selfie as their background in addition to the ones provided out of the box by On Air Warning. The conferencing apps also detect the status of the camera and mic and update their UI accordingly.

Full Development

Using an external LED display, the apps control the display by showing a status bar of the online meeting with eight different colors available to the user, and they can switch between manual and automatic settings for the mic and video light indicators.


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Loved by teams around the world

video conference indicator software

Rich and full of features

Customizable Colors

On Air Warning! lets you choose the brightness and the color from eight different colors for each indicator light.

Meeting Indicator softwareMeeting Indicator software
Meeting Indicator of On Air Warning SoftwareLight Control of On Air Warning

Auto and manual light control

On Air Warning automatically reflects your Mic, Camera, and Meeting Status.

Programs supported

On Air Warning's software is compatible with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Discord, GoTo Meeting, Slack, Messenger, and OBS running on Windows or Mac.

Meeting Indicator of On Air Warning Solution