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Custom Shopify App Development for Seamless Video Conferencing and Subscription Management

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What Is Expert Minute?

Expert Minute patented the first video chat & purchase platform, where employees can video chat and add items items right into the eCart of the online customers within a single call.

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Project Challenges

Overcoming Online Customer Service and Subscription Management Challenges with Expert Minute

The challenges of online customer services and subscription management led to the development of Expert Minute. This innovative project bridges physical stores and online sales, offering a powerful platform with flexible subscription plans. Merchants can allocate designated minutes for their employees in customer service video calls, addressing support challenges and enhancing customer experiences.

Our Solution

comprehensive solution revolutionizes online customer service

Expert Minute offers an all-in-one solution to conquer online customer service and subscription management challenges. By seamlessly bridging physical stores and online sales, this innovative platform provides merchants with flexible subscription plans, empowering them to allocate designated minutes for their employees in customer service video calls. With Expert Minute, businesses can streamline support processes, enhance customer experiences, and effectively manage subscriptions.

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How We Did It

Software Scope

Expert Minute is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes online customer service and subscription management. It seamlessly integrates physical stores and online sales, offering flexible subscription plans for merchants.

UX/UI Design

As part of this process, the user interface designer created the digital product's graphical user interface by defining layouts, defining information architecture, creating icons, selecting color themes, defining typography styles, and setting guidelines.

Full Development

The platform empowers businesses to allocate designated minutes for customer service video calls, streamlining support processes and enhancing customer experiences. Expert Minute transforms the way companies manage subscriptions and deliver exceptional customer service, driving sustainable growth and success.


Empower your business with latest custom technology to launch faster and focus on building what’s truly unique for your business.

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Loved by teams around the world

online customer service platform

Rich and full of features

Video Conferencing using Agura and Web-to-Mobile Video Calls

Elevate Communication and Connect Anywhere, Anytime with Expert Minute's Seamless Web-to-Mobile Video Call Solutions and Custom Shopify App Development for High-Quality Video Conferencing.

Video Conferencing using Agura and Web-to-Mobile Video CallsVideo call Mobile Application
Shopping Cart Mobile Application

Add To Cart by Employees

Employees can add items to online shopper's carts during a live chat or video call

Text Chat Functionality

Foster Real-Time Collaboration with Expert Minute's Built-in Text Chat Feature.

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Merchant Dashboard in Ecommerce ApplicationSubscription managements solution

Merchant Dashboard Software

Efficiently Manage Subscriptions with Expert Minute's Intuitive and Feature-Rich Merchant Dashboard.

Full Subscription Service

Provide Flexibility and Enhance Customer Experience with Expert Minute's Comprehensive Subscription Management Solutions, including Multiple Options, Upgrades, Downgrades, Subscription details,  and Cancellations.

Subscription in Ecommerce Application
Subscription in Ecommerce ApplicationSubscription Model in Ecommerce Application

Call Minutes Balance Tracking

Empower Users to Monitor Call Usage and Manage Resources with Expert Minute's Call Minutes Balance Tracking Feature.

Reports Generation

Gain Insights and Make Informed Decisions with Expert Minute's Detailed Reports on Subscription Data, Usage Statistics, and Revenue Generation.

Reports Generation in Ecommerce Software Mobile Application