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What Is Badger Burger?

The Badger Burger Company is a group of locally owned fast food  restaurants located throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Project Challenges

Many of us have worked in the industry as restaurant owners, chefs, waiters, or delivery drivers, and all of us love to check out the latest place around the corner. That’s why our Badger Burger team asked our software developers to provide a completely customizable “one stop” for everything digital in a restaurant, with a full set of online ordering,  preparing, serving /delivering and payment to make it simple through digital restaurant easy-to-use interface at a price customer won't be able to believe.

Our Solution

The Next Generation With Online Restaurant Ordering System

Based on our discussion with Badger Burger, Our expert software developers provided UI/UX design, stylistic rules, cutting-edge mobile application, and a web app digital restaurant platform.  The platform we developed allows the restaurant to have a fully customized comprehensive suite of on-demand food delivery platforms.

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How We Did It

Customer side

Our software developers created for Badger Burger restaurant a world-class user experience by customizing colors and graphics based on their brand identity, an intuitive user interface, and offered a fully customizable menu, delivery, pickup, dining-in options, taxes, and fees, as well as the option of creating custom coupons.

The kitchen side

The kitchen side has a natural look and feels for minimum interaction/decision time, where any order can be accepted automatically. The restaurant can also switch from third-party deliveries to in-house deliveries at a swipe.

The In-House Delivery/ Driver

The In-House Delivery/ Driver where Delivery is Done as the restaurant Way With their drivers, with Badger Burger you don’t have to Pay 3rd Party Delivery fees when you have the volume to hire an in-house driver at an hourly wage + mileage, the restaurant can track the driver location as well the customer can know where their delivery is and communicate with them without giving out their phone number using Badger Burger In-App Chat.


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Digital restaurant platform

Rich and full of features

Delivery Side & live delivery tracking

Live-tracking on Google Maps makes it easy for everyone— you, your driver, and the customer— to see exactly where the delivery is, and when it will reach its destination.

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Menu Management

User friendly admin panel to manage your categories, menu, orders, coupons, delivery and customers.

Online ordering system with integrated restaurant delivery software

With our order-tracking integrations (delivery, order from inside the restaurant, and pickup), it’s easier than ever to improve your performance & expand your business with delivery options.

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